Steven Sandbrook Photography

Bruce and Nicola

This wedding was different.  I mean Really different to your run-of-the-mill "Let's have a different wedding" kind of different.  
To begin with, Bruce proposed to Nicola one beautiful evening, on the roof of a 40-foot high aeroplane hangar on Ohakea air base!  It doesn't get much more thrillingly romantic than that!

The closening friendship had lasted more than seven years - since their early teens - and even at the age of twenty, the young avionics technician was ready for marriage.  Over a couple of months of engagement, the wedding was planned down to the last tiny detail.  
Believe me, they packed a lot into their big day!

It was fairytale.  They made it fairytale - the kind of stuff engaged couples dream of, and mostly it came from hard work and good friends.  An 80's Mercedes luxury sedan was magically obtained the day before the wedding as a getaway car.  The cake was hand-crafted to utter perfection.  The photographic locations just gave so many opportunities - especially the train tunnel.

I had better explain what I'm talking about.  I was trying to come up with an idea for a wedding portrait for this spirited young couple that would really ring their bells, and stand out as a memorable image.  Then it hit me - use the local train tunnel, and set it up as a classic hero "Fleeing from the train" scene.  They loved the idea.
Well, it took some setting up, with a generator, ladder, a huge fire-yard light, and two lookouts - in case any real trains came along! - but the end result was a photograph to wonder at.  It's the first one in this gallery, and many have commented on it.
I still get a thrill when I see it! 

Take a look. 

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